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mail order

Cloaks, Coats and Waistcoats and other unfitted items

We offer a mail order service for items that are not closely fitted such as:

  • cloaks
  • coats (loose fitting)
  • waistcoats
  • shawls
  • ties (neck and bow)
  • cravats
  • cummerbunds
  • and anything else you can think of that does not require close fitting, please ask

We need to talk. As we are not meeting face to face, email, instant messaging, phone and post are our channels. You can send us pictures and we can put sketches just for you online for our discussions. You can even send us existing garments that you like the fit of as a guide.

As part of the design process we will often send you material samples to select from. We obtain the samples from a wide range of specialist fabric suppliers who we select from for your specific requirements. We do ask you to pay for the samples.

You are also welcome to obtain and supply material to us. We can provide advice on this. We reserve the right to refuse to work with certain material where we consider it unsuitable for the purpose.

If you decide to go ahead, we will require full payment in advance, a signed copy of our contract, and some particular measurements. You will need a friend to do the measuring. It is not possible to measure yourself accurately.

Please note that the Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to custom made garments. Once you decide to go ahead and pay us, there is no cooling off period. We acquire materials and cut them out to meet your particular requirements.

Please use the contact form to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

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