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Made to measure wedding, formal &
business suits

We are pleased to offer our new Telford Tailor Tailoring service.
Two piece men’s suits from just £200.
Three piece men’s suits from just £250.
Ladies’ suits from just £250.

We also do shirts, trousers and coats

This new service complements the waistcoats and ties service we offer men and the couture services we offer ladies.

couture dressmaking for women

Made to measure wedding, formal and business clothes for women

Quality clothes and excellent prices, your choice of material, a design just for you:

  • Hand made
  • Made-to-measure
  • Individually designed
  • Any colour, any style, any material
  • Whatever your size and shape, we can help you

We custom design and make dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, tops, trousers, coats, cloaks, ties, cummerbunds, waistcoats, cravats, bow ties, bridesmaid dresses, bridal gowns, bridal dresses … in fact, just about any clothing, and we can add embroidery to most things as well.

Why couture?

A custom made dress costs more than a dress purchased off the peg. We explain why below and also tell you some things you might want to know about selecting and working with a couture dressmaker.

What is meant by couture

Couture clothing is made-to-measure to fit a specific individual as opposed to off the peg clothing that has been designed for mass production in a range of standard sizes.

Haut Couture refers to the specialist famous Paris Couture houses and the like such as Chanel and Dior who work with very specialist fabrics and the most elaborate designs.

 Why a couturier is more expensive than a dressmaker

The difference between a couturier and a dressmaker is that a dressmaker generally sews a garment using a standard pattern from one of the main pattern houses, whereas a couturier will design the garment from scratch and produce a paper pattern from the client’s measurements. Many good dressmakers can adapt patterns but as soon as they move into custom design, significant alternations, and complex combinations they have entered the more skilled area of the courtier.

Why a designed dress is more expensive than off the peg

A professionally designed and made gown will usually cost more than one off the peg, but the benefits will far outweigh the extra cost and you will usually not have to pay for alterations.

Perhaps you are buying for your wedding day and an opportunity of a lifetime to have whatever you like, whatever your age!

A good couturier with years of experience will be able to advise you on what styles will suit you and be most flattering to your figure. She will also advise which fabrics and colours will suit your complexion and colouring.

The couturier will be able to create a balanced line to enhance your figure and draw attention to your finer points. She will also be able to offer you a choice of materials and colours from far greater range than you have with a ready made gown. This will include a vast selection of silks and satins of all shades to suit the occasion. There is no possibility of you turning up the an event dressed in the same way as anyone else.

It takes many years to develop the skills required to be a good courtier. You have to pay for those skills to be applied to an individual garment made just for you without any of the benefits of mass production.

More information including some dos and don’ts about working with a couture dressmaker

All photographs on this site feature actual customers and the clothes made specifically for them.
We thank them for their kind permission to use these images.

We produce unique garments for each client. The photos on this site are provided to illustrate the type of work we do.

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